1.0 Interpretation

1.1    “The Management team” includes (where the context permits) any staff member authorised by Everybody Health & Leisure to perform any particular duty.


1.2  “The Centre” means Leisure Centre, Lifestyle Centre, Swimming Pool, Dual Use Sites and other such recreation facilities as determined by Everybody Health & Leisure.


1.3   “The Hirer” means the person or organisation hiring out part of the building or its facilities and (if not the same person) the person in charge at the booked period times. No person under the age of 18 years will be accepted as a hirer.


1.4   “Booked Period” means the period on any day reserved for the hirer and includes preparation time and changeover of equipment.  When bookings are reviewed, there is no guarantee of the same time and place from one booked periods to the next.


1.5   “Clubs” mean coaching, facilitation of activities or sport.


1.6   “Groups” mean groups of participants with no coaching or facilitation.


1.7   “Facilities” means the part of the Centre that the booking takes place within.


1.8   “Everybody Health & Leisure is the management contractor that is responsible for the management of leisure facilities within the portfolio”.

2.0 Application For Hire And Charges

2.1 All charges that have been agreed to in the booking form (hire rate) must be paid in full.


2.2 To cancel a booking, the hirer must complete the form below within the 48hour cancellation period. Failing to do so will result in the booking being charged in full. Excessive misuse will result in full or part suspension of your booking.

3.0 General Regulations Applicable To The Hirer

3.1 It is the responsibility of the hirer for good order and safety.


3.2 The hirer should leave the ‘facilities’ and any other areas used in a suitable state comparable to the condition that they found it in.


3.3 The hirer shall ensure that all users within the booked periods must comply with the rules and regulations of the Centre.


3.4 Changeovers allow for the changeover of people or equipment of an activity, therefore bookings will be for 55 minutes to ensure there is time to safely clear away, and set up equipment.  The length of time is different depending on the equipment and population of an activity.


3.5 All doors, entrances/exits and corridors must be kept clear and ready for use in the event of an emergency.


3.6 The hirer shall not use the facilities for any purpose other than stated on the booking form.


3.7 The Management Team shall at all times during the booked period have unrestricted access to all areas.


3.8 The hirer must ensure correct use of any equipment used.


3.9 Photography and cameras may be used in the facility, in line with Everybody Health & Leisure’s Photography Policy. Please ask on site for further information.


3.10 Any electrical items brought into the centre must have been portable appliance tested (PAT) within the last 12 months and have documentation / sticker to support this.

4.0 Indemnity

4.1 The hirer agrees to indemnify the centres against any claim for loss or damage, death or personal injury arising from the hirer’s negligent or wilful misuse of the premises, including any damage, however caused, by the hirer of the premises.


4.2 Everybody Health & Leisure and Cheshire East Council can only be held responsible if faulty equipment or buildings can be proved to have been the cause of the accident.

5.0 Breach Of Regulations

5.1 If any booking period is cancelled or terminated by the Management Team, as a result of a breach of any of these conditions (as to which the decision of the Management Team shall be final) the hirer shall remain liable for the charges due up to that time, but without prejudice to any claim which the centre may have against hire arising out of such breach of any of the above conditions.


5.2 These conditions are non-negotiable and a breach of any of the above conditions could lead to the cancellation of the hirers booking.

6.0 Club Regulations*

*this section only applies to clubs

6.1 Safeguarding.  All clubs involved in the instruction of persons under the age of 18 must have a safeguarding policy in place and adhere to it. i.e. Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (DBS) checks for all officials/ staff/ volunteers and published child protection policy present.


6.2 Where the session caters for juniors (under 18s), it is recommended that “Clubs” follow relevant National Governing Body guidance, and the relevant quality accreditation is achieved.


6.3 The Club is to complete an activity based risk assessment for all sessions taking place in The Centre.


6.4 Clubs must have Public Liability Insurance.