Start running with a group of like minded people!

Do you want to run to get fitter and healthier?

Do you want to run to complete that first 5k?

Do you want to run to socialise with friends?

If you answer yes to any of the above, the Everybody to 5k is just what you need!

£10 for 10 weeks

You will be guided through a group run, led by one of our Run Leaders, starting from interval walks, all the way up to completing your first 5k or 30 minute run.

Our coaches will support and guide you through a dedicated running session at one of our centres, and give advice and guidance on other sessions to complete, to reach your goal. Each session has been designed and modified to give you the best chance of reaching your goals.



Monday evening at 7pm-9pm at Cumberland Arena

What's inside your running pack?

  • A Par-Q (To be completed and brought with you to your first Everybody to 5K session)
  • A welcome letter outlining your start date.
  • A running guide and session plan.
  • A helpful hints and tips handout on what to wear and bring with you to sessions.

Why the Everybody to 5k?

  • Access to a full 400m running track, floodlit to make running on those darker nights safer.
  • Help and guidance to your training programme by a qualified run leader / run coach.
  • Be part of a group with the same aims as yourself.

What are the benefits of walking / running?

  1. Help build strong bones (weight bearing exercise)
  2. Strengthen muscles
  3. Helps maintain a healthy weight
  4. Decreased resting heart rate (less physical stress on the heart)
  5. Decreased resting blood pressure

We look forward to you joining our Everybody to 5k sessions.

Register and book your group fitness classes via the new Everybody Leisure Hub

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More information

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