What is OMNIA Rig?

OMNIA, from Technogym, is a super versatile functional training rig and lives up to its Latin origin of the word meaning ‘all’. Omnia sessions can be suitable for all abilities, ages and fitness goals. At Alderley Park we invested in the OMNIA8 rig, allowing 8 or more users to train in unison, in a well-organised space under the guidance and encouragement of our Fitness Team.

OMNIA sessions are available exclusively at Alderley Park. For premium membership holders, these sessions are free of charge. For standard membership holders, these sessions are charged at £10 per-person, per-session.

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More about the rig...

The mat

The rig sits on top of a distance-marker floor mat which enables:

  • A clear zone for you to use each piece of equipment in the circuit, giving all users on the rig good space to workout
  • A clear marker for you and the instructor to select when using a specific piece of equipment. For example, the further from the rig you are the greater resistance you experience.
  • A distance-marker if you are incorporating cardio reps in your circuit such as side leaps, lunges etc

The rig

One of the best features of the rig is its versatility, allowing for specific equipment to be swapped in and out depending on the objectives of the workout session.

Some of the equipment incorporated in the rig include;

  • Pendulum
  • Push-n-Pull bag
  • Closed Loop Elastics
  • Dual Lift system
  • Battle Ropes

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