Swimming Lesson Enquiry

    Please read the following points carefully as they refer to your ‘Learn to swim’ scheme (LTSS) membership at Everybody Sport & Recreation. As a member you agree to comply with and adhere to the following terms and conditions. Please sign below to confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the following:

    Membership terms
    1.The term ‘Initial Term’ means a full 2 monthly payment from the date of joining the Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim’ Scheme.
    2.The term ‘Swimmer(’s)’ refers to the person enrolled on the Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim’ Scheme.
    3.The term ‘You’ and ‘your’ refers to the payer of the swimmer lesson fees.
    4.The term ‘Membership’ refers to the Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim’ Scheme. It does not refer to a membership of the facility.

    Starting the membership
    1.You will need to complete a swimming lesson registration/enquiry sheet prior to your membership commencement. Failure to complete this will result in the membership being placed in a suspended or cancelled state and any fees paid will not be reimbursed.
    2.All fees due will need to be paid prior to commencement of the Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim’ scheme that the swimmer is joining.
    3.When paying by Direct Debit you will need to pay an initial pro rata payment to cover the period from joining until the next available Direct Debit date. These prices can be obtained from the Everybody Sport & Recreation Aquatics Team and Front of House Staff on site.
    4.When paying by Direct Debit, your payment will cover the period from when the payment day is due, to the day preceding your due collection day the following month. Your Direct Debit is a rolling payment and has no ‘END’ date.
    5.When completing a registration/enquiry document for the Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim Scheme’ all personal details are held on our membership system and will be utilised to maintain contact with you. If a place is not available at the swimmer’s current level, the swimmer will be placed on a waiting list and 3 attempts will be made to contact you once a place becomes available. If for any reason contact cannot be made the swimmer’s details will be placed in a suspended state and removed from the waiting list.
    6.Direct Debit collections will be made directly by Everybody Sport & Recreation.
    7.Direct Debit collections will be made on the 1st or the 15th of each month (or nearest working day in the case of weekends or bank holidays), depending on your preferred choice.
    8.When paying for 12 week block payments, this is a non refundable payment. Payment for the next block of lessons must be received before the start of the last paid lesson, an email reminder will be sent where a valid email address has been given, no other reminders will be given.
    9.1-2-1 lessons are a 4 week continuous block agreement, for the next block of 4 weeks to continue, payment must be received before the last paid lesson of the previous block.
    10.Any parent/guardian entitled to Category D and E on the Everybody Options scheme may apply for a 40% discount on the child’s lesson. The Everybody Options must be live before enrolling the child on to the LTSS and a valid Everybody Options membership maintained throughout. This discount is not applicable to 1-2-1 lessons.
    11.Options Category A may claim a discount of 40% against their own group lessons where available.
    12.Joining fee must be paid for all junior swimming lessons, this includes a starter pack redeemable at reception on the first lesson.

    Ending the membership
    1.When paying by Direct Debit, you have the right to end the membership within 14 days from the sign up date. If you end the membership within this period, you will be refunded any pro-rata payments, less any fees for attended lessons. After 14 days you can end the membership following the Initial Term by providing 30 days’ notice (see bullet point 3 within this section for ending the membership procedure).
    2.Ending the membership during the Initial Term will require the payment of any and all fees due under the membership agreement.
    3.If you wish to end the membership, please submit your notice in writing to your Leisure Centre addressed to ‘Area Aquatic Lead’ or by emailing [email protected]. Verbal notice cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Confirmation of a request to end the membership will be sent to your registered address or email address upon receipt of the request by the Aquatic Lead.
    4.There is a minimum period of 30 days notice to be provided upon request to cancel any DD agreement/memberships. However, 1-2-1 lessons require a 7 days’ notice cancellation period
    5.There is no option to freeze this membership.

    Conditions of use
    1.The membership is non-transferable.
    2.All swimming lesson places will initially be allocated to swimmers already on the lesson programme.
    3.New swimmers can join the swimming lesson programme at any point.
    4.Once payment has been made for swimming lessons, no refunds or reimbursements will be available unless absence is confirmed by signed doctor’s note or medical exemption certificate in case of illness; in such cases all credits due will be offered as a discount on future swimming lesson payments.
    5.Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire, namely lycra shorts or trunks (no board or holiday shorts) or 1 piece costumes (no bikinis or tankinis). No Jewellery is to be worn at any time during swimming lessons.
    6.‘Everybody SWIM’ Hats must be worn by each swimmer, during their swimming lesson. Initial swimming hats are provided free of charge but replacements hats can be purchased at reception. As each swimmer completes a stage, they will receive the hat for the next stage upon collection of their certificate.
    7.All lessons are subject to a 5 minute registration and administration time during the allotted session time; this is to record attendance for health and safety reasons.
    8.Class numbers are restricted and set by Everybody Sport & Recreation to ensure a quality teaching environment and are based on the Swim England Safe Supervision for Teaching and Coaching Swimming Policy.
    9.A safe and controlled environment is paramount for a successful swimming lesson programme to be undertaken; therefore no non swimmers (including parents/guardians) will be permitted onto the poolside at any time.
    10.Queries regarding the lesson programme or individual swimmer’s progress should be directed to the relevant Aquatic Lead, who will then co-ordinate a response from the relevant member of staff.
    11.All swimmers must not enter the pool hall until the instructor is present. Swimmers are required to report to the poolside no more than 5 minutes prior to their lesson start time. All swimmers are required to be available to start their lesson at the allotted start time for registration with the instructor. Swimmers must not enter the water until instructed to do so by the instructor.
    12.Swimmer’s ability and speed of progression will vary depending upon the individual. Swimmers will progress when all competencies have been satisfied as setup under the Swim England’s swimming lesson guidelines. The Swimming Instructor will notify the swimmer of the progression to the next stage, you will need to contact the Aquatic Lead or Front of House Staff to arrange a new lesson time etc.
    13.The use of camera or video photography (including mobile phones) is strictly prohibited at all times within the facility.
    14.Parents/Guardians of children under 8 must remain on site for the duration of the lesson

    General terms
    1.Everybody Sport & Recreation LTSS operates a continuous programme running through 50 weeks of the year.
    2.DD Memberships enrolled on Everybody Sport & Recreation ‘Learn to Swim’ lessons will receive free public swimming for under 18s.
    3.Direct Debit payments will be amended to cover any relevant bank holidays as and when necessary.
    4.When paying by Direct Debit it is understood that you will make every effort to ensure that the nominated account is available and in credit so allowing collection of any due fees on the agreed date of collection. Failed collection of direct debit amounts will occur a £5 administration fee per occurrence. The full monthly amount and administration fee must be paid or the place will be withdrawn .
    5.Repeated non-payment of your Direct Debit will result in this service being removed and not reinstated until all monies repaid.
    6.When paying by Direct Debit, your monthly fee will be automatically updated if the swimmer’s lesson fee changes (i.e. if you change day/lesson duration increases or decreases). Everybody Sport & Recreation will notify you at least 4 weeks prior to any such price changes.
    7.Before the swimmer commences their swimming lessons a registration form must be completed. We reserve the right to refer any prospective member to his / her GP if there are contra-indications in respect of physical exercise.
    8.Membership cards remain the property of Everybody Sport & Recreation. The card may be retained during the visit and returned upon leaving. Upon joining, the swimmer’s photograph will be taken. This photograph will be displayed on the verification screen as each member enters the facility.
    9.Any swimmer, who mislays, loses or damages their membership card will be required to purchase a new card on their next visit.
    10.If during your membership period the swimmer’s contact details change in any way you will be required to inform the Leisure centre reception or by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible.
    11.We may alter facility opening times, or temporarily withdraw provisions at any time if we require them for tournaments, exhibitions or other activities, or in connection with any repairs, alterations or maintenance work, or for any other reasonable reason. All such changes will be displayed with as much prior notice as possible on the notice boards and on our website. This will include any closure, withdrawal of specific services as a result of industrial action or extended closure periods due to reasons out of our control. If we are unable to provide replacement sessions in the future, credits for cancelled sessions may be deducted from your future lesson payment schedules.
    12.All swimmers are bound by the Everybody Sport & Recreation facility terms and conditions.
    13.All lessons are subject to availability.
    14.If any changes are made to these Terms & Conditions we will notify you in writing give 14 days’ minimum notice.
    15.You assume all risks and responsibility for any harm, loss, damage, property damage, personal injury, to you or others resulting from, arising out of, or any way in relation to the swimmer’s use of or presence in Everybody Sport & Recreation facilities.
    16.Everybody Sport & Recreation may cancel the membership in the following circumstances:
    17.If you/ the swimmer break this agreement or any facility rules repeatedly.
    18.If the swimmer’s membership card is used by any other person than you to gain access to the facility.
    19.We will not tolerate our staff or other members of the lesson being verbally or physically abused or intimidated. If this is the case, we will immediately ban you/the swimmer from the scheme.
    20.If the membership is cancelled, you can appeal in writing by contacting the Everybody Sport & Recreation Aquatics Manager. All appeals will be heard in person and a decision will be made within 7 days of the hearing date. Appeals must be submitted to [email protected].
    21.If Everybody Sport & Recreation is required to cancel the membership for a breach of any rules, terms or conditions, there will be no refund made of any or part of your subscription fee.