RLSS Trainer/Assessor Course

This course leads to the RLSS UK NPLQ Trainer Assessors qualification (Includes PXB)

Structure: The course involves delivery from course staff together with group work by the delegates on all aspects of the NPLQ syllabus including CPR, AED, First Aid and Spinal cord injury management. You must complete the first three day Core module to continue onto a NPLQ Specialism (other specialisms are availble to bolt onto your qualification)


This course will follow the following structure:

Core Units

  • Day 1- Training RLSS UK qualifications
  • Day 2-Assessing RLSS UK qualifications
  • Day 3-CPR and AED


NPLQ Specialism

  • Day 4-Training NPLQ
  • Day 5 Assessing NPLQ
  • Day 6 PXB


Assessment: The course involves ongoing assessment including a number of observed lessons delivered by the delegates to a smaller group, with positive, constructive and supportive feedback. These lessons will be notified to you immediately after the closing date by email (which includes attachments; please indicate if your email account / organisation’s servers prevent attachments reaching your email account).

What happens after the course?

Successful delegates undertake a moderation period under the supervision of a Mentor, which includes the delivery of a full NPLQ course and the assessment of NPLQ candidates. This period must not exceed two years.

Course Pre-requisites: To attend this course you must:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age,
  • have personal current membership of Lifesavers (Tel 01789 773994 and pay by credit card quoting your society number to join) and
  • Hold the qualification for the specialism you are attending (e.g. NPLQ if attending NPLQ specialism)


A swimming teacher’s qualification is NOT a pre-requisite.

Support: A full range of support materials will be provided to help you through the course and after you have completed the course. There will also be support provided by the tutor.

Training Aids: We have a range of equipment for use during the course including generic teaching aids such as whiteboard / flip pad, digital projector and laptop so your lessons may be prepared using any of these. We will also have a full range of manikins and pool rescue equipment available, including spine board, torpedo buoys and throw bags.

Personal Equipment: Delegates should ensure that they bring the following to the course:

  • Pen and notebook
  • Swimwear and t-shirt, shorts for the pool sessions.
  • A stopwatch for ‘assessment’ sessions will be useful.

Refreshments: Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits will be provided throughout the period of the course. There is a café on site.

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