When will the changes commence from?

From 1st September 2024 parking charges will apply to any non-members visiting Wilmslow Leisure Centre. This includes access to sporting and entertainment events, Cricket matches and external clubs.

Where do the centres staff & contractors park during operational hrs?

Parking bays for staff have been made available at the rear the centre. To assist to free up as many spaces in the centre’s car parks as possible during operational hours.

Who is entitled to free parking?

Free parking to remain for – ALL EB members / LTSS parents / All PAYG activities – swimming, racket sports, indoor football / Health & Multi Rehab Users.

Is disabled parking Free of Charge?

Disabled parking is exempt.

If I am a member, do I get free parking if I am going into Wilmslow town centre to e.g. get my hair cut.

No, you only get free parking for the duration of your visit to use the Leisure centre – Gym / Group Ex / All PAYG activities.

Do I get free parking if I use the Taste For Life Cafe?

Yes – If you are an Everybody member/s / LTSS parent/s / All PAYG activities – swimming, racket sports, indoor football / Health & Multi Rehab Users and using the café during your visit you are entitled to free parking.

No- If you are a non-member only using the café then you will need to pay for your parking.

Who / what groups are not entitled to free parking?

Stakeholders / External Hire groups not included are Clubs / Events / Galas / Cricket Club / Private services i.e. Adora.

What about the reps will they get passes?

Yes – limited passes will be available please speak to the General Manager for information.

I am attending a party; can I park for free?

No, only the hirer.

How long can I park for in the centre’s car parks?

3 hours.

What are the chargeable hours?

  • Monday to Sunday – 7:00am – 10:pm, including Bank Holidays.
  • £3 for 3 hours. No return within 3 hours.
  • 100 spaces available

Where can I park if the leisure centre car parks are full?

Additional parking is available at the Broadway Meadow car park which is situated to the right before entering the centres car parks.

  • 272 spaces
  • Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 6pm, including Bank Holidays

How can I pay for my parking?

Parking can be paid for with either card or the pay by phone app