Indoor Sports and Activities




Price (£)
Adult 11.60
Adult – Off Peak 9.10
Junior/Family – Off Peak 7.50
Options 7.40
Racket Hire 1.30

Please note:

  • Prices listed are per court – bookings are for 55 minutes.
  • Off-peak is school holidays, Friday evenings and weekends.
  • Options Card holders, both adults and juniors, are eligible for concessionary prices.

Table Tennis

Price (£)
Adult (peak) 6.50
Adult (off Peak Only) 5.50
Junior/Family (Off Peak Only) 5.00
Options 3.85
Bat Hire 0.85

Please note:

  • Prices are listed per table
  • Off peak is before 5pm or at the weekends
  • Options Card holders, both adults and juniors, are eligible for concessionary prices.


Indoor Football

Price (£)
Full Hall –  PEAK -Casual 55.00
Full Hall – Adult (Off Peak only) 40.00
Full Hall – Junior/OAP (Off Peak Only) 35.00
Half Hall – PEAK 35.00
Half Hall – Adult (Off Peak Only) 27.00
Half Hall – Junior/OAP (Off Peak Only) 23.00

Please note:

  • Off peak times are week days only (during school holidays)
  • Junior players are 16 years of age or younger


A half hall rental for basketball costs £35.00. Please contact the centre for more information.

Netball and Netball Leagues

A half hall court for netball costs £35.00.  A full hall court for netball costs  £55.00.

For the Netball League please contact the centre for more information.

Outdoor Sports and Activities



Please note:

  • Astro turf prices are listed per hour.
  • The following seasons apply to the astro turf:
    • Winter Season (peak) – 1st Sept – 30th April
    • Summer Season  (off peak) – 1st  May – 31st  Aug


Price (£)
1/3 Pitch – Adult Winter Peak – £39.00
1/3 Pitch – Junior Winter Peak – £24.00
1/3 Pitch – Adult Summer/Winter Off Peak – £31.00
1/3 Pitch – Junior Summer/Winter Off Peak – £17.00

Outdoor Hockey

Please contact the leisure centre for prices and availability of outdoor hockey.

 Bubble football


Bubble Footie presents the ultimate birthday party event.  Bubble Football brings everything you love about the Nation’s No.1 sport and kicks out the rules to deliver the complete football experience.  Push, shove, roll and bounce your way to victory in this unrivalled, action packed, fun filled event.

Price: £150 for 60 minutes for up to 20 players.

For more information, contact Andy on for:

Mobile 07841395301 or

or visit us at Bubble Football