Privacy Policy


By using any of our websites, particularly through registration or placing an order for an activity, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information as detailed within this privacy policy. Your privacy, and the protection of data we may hold about you is very important to us. We collect certain types of information about users to allow us to improve our service to you, to contact you when necessary and to manage our membership scheme, this will often involve recording your name, address and contact details being collected either through this website or other Everybody online services. In addition, website data such as traffic patterns may also be recorded through analytics tools in order to improve our web services to you.

Personal Data

Personal data is collected when you choose to provide such information through using our services, such as making a booking for an activity or setting up a membership with us, or completing a contact form. This information is essential to manage our service to you. We use this information to improve our services, our website and where appropriate notify you about offers, news and events that we believe will be of interest to you. This information will be held on computer systems based in the UK and may be accessed by our staff or third parties acting for us to provide a key service (such as email newsletter services).

Note that in order to trade as a new entity, Cheshire East Council has securely provided existing customer databases to allow Everybody to offer a seemless transfer into the new business.

Everybody Sport & Recreation will never sell or pass on your data to third parties unless required by law, it will only be used within the organisation for the intended use. However if our business enters a joint venture with, or is sold to or merged with another entity, your information may be disclosed to the new business or partners.

Use of Cookies

From time to time, Everybody may use features on the website that use cookies to remember key user information. Cookies are small files containing key information which will be stored on your computer. Cookies will only be used directly by Everybody to improve your experience using our web services by remembering key information you have previously entered. Cookies may also be used by third parties, such as Google Analytics, to measure website statistical information only, these cookies do not store any of your personal data.

If you choose to delete these cookies from your web browser, or disable their use entirely, it will not affect your ability to use this site, but it may restrict certain functions such as the ability to remember login details.

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External Websites

From time to time, our websites may contain links to external websites outside of the control of Everybody Sport & Recreation. These sites and services will have their own privacy policies and approaches to data protection, use of such external websites is at your own discretion and you should make yourselves aware of their policies before using them. You should not rely on the accuracy of such sites without undertaking your own independent review. A link from an Everybody online service to such a third party does not imply endorsement or recommendation by Everybody.

Additional Information

Transmission of data over the internet is not guaranteed to be completely secure. Everybody Sport & Recreation is not responsible for third parties that may intercept or access private communications during your use of our online services. Everybody Sport & Recreation takes the Data Protection Act 1998 very seriously, however as we cannot ensure the security of transmitted data through third parties (including your own internet connection), any transmission is undertaken at your own risk.

Everybody Sport & Recreation shall not be liable for any damages that result from the use of information or materials on our website.

Browser Requirements

This site has been designed to provide a rich content experience for users with up-to-date browsers and devices. Using older, non-compatible browsers, or disabling key features within your browser may result in reduced site functionality.