Customer Feedback


We strive to provide an excellent service at all times, but sometimes we get it wrong; or you may have had a fantastic experience with our services. Either way, we want to hear about it. You can get in touch with your feedback in the following ways:

  • In Person – The quickest way to let us know your thoughts is to tell us at the time. Whether it’s at a leisure centre, training course or at an event in the community, simply let a member of the Everybody team know there and then so they can resolve any concerns you may have
  • Website – Using the form below
  • Email –
  • Social Media – Find out more about our various social media accounts
  • Telephone – 0300 123 5018
  • In Writing – Everybody Sport & Recreation, Customer Feedback, Brooklands, Holmes Chapel Community Centre, Station Road, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AA

Once we’ve received your comments we will:

  • Acknowledge – We aim to acknowledge your comments within two working days and for simple enquiries we’ll send our response
  • Investigate – Some issues a little more complicated and we’ll need to investigate further, we will aim to respond to these in detail within ten working days where possible. If it is going to take longer, we’ll let you know.
  • Escalate – If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response you have received, then please let us know and we will investigate further.

Our customer service Standards

Our Staff

  • Will listen carefully to your query
  • Will be polite and do their best to help with every enquiry
  • Will try to get an answer for you directly, not pass you around
  • Will work together as a team to meet your requirements
  • Will welcome all feedback (positive and negative) as an opportunity to improve our service
  • Will be skilled and trained to exceed your expectations
  • Will be visible and clearly identified as Everybody employees through uniforms or name badges
  • Will apologise when we get things wrong and put it right as quickly as possible
  • Will regularly gather feedback through customer surveys


Our Buildings

  • Will be clean, well-maintained and checked regularly
  • When equipment is out of order, we will keep you informed and provide alternatives where possible
  • We will have a plan to continuously update and improve our facilities and equipment


Our Services

  • Will be competitively priced
  • Will be accessible to all members of the community
  • We will always be open to suggestions for improvements
  • We will keep you informed about new activities, programmes and offers
  • We will maintain a balanced programme of activities and services to meet the needs of all sections of the community
  • We will continually strive to improve our service to you
  • We will keep ahead of the latest trends and adapt our services