Talented Athlete Support Scheme

We recognise the importance of supporting local talented sports people to enable them to reach sporting excellence.  Athletes can use our facilities and expertise to reach sporting excellence.


Your Membership Includes…

Everybody Membership Package including access to Everybody facilities:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Gym
  • Group Fitness
  • Athletics Tracks



  • Access to Workshops
  • Access to Physiotherapy services with selected partners.
  • Practical support and mentoring for young athletes.
  • Access to out new Everybody Foundation bursary funding.
  • Volunteering opportunities, (national School Sports Week)
  • Discounted rates on support services, Such as Sports Nutrition, Personal Training.


DNA Elite offer unique discounts for the sport nutrition products especially for our athletes.

Our physiotherapist partners across Cheshire East offer specialist assistance, workshops support and discounted rates for our athletes.


Athletes Commitment to Everybody…


Inspiring through presentations

Recently Jack Williamson (National speed bounce champion) and Alexander Jones (UK fencer a ranked 7 U 20s category) visited Ruskin Sports College where there was a Gifted and Talented camp on for year 6 students. Help us inspire the athletes of the next generation by telling your story of success, training programmes, failures you have learnt from and any tips you have for students,

Sharing your journey

Other athletes simply keep us up to date on our Facebook page. Sarah Jackson loves a selfie, as an inspiring windsurfer she posts some great footage of her adventures all over Europe! This allows us to keep track of achievements and share successes with other athletes!

Celebrating successes

Many of our athletes have attended our Everybody Awards with several receiving winning nominations, and we anticipate many future successes. We’re always excited to hear the stories of how athletes train, overcome adversity or simply blow the socks off the opposition in their chosen sport.

How do I sign up?


Check to see if you meet our criteria using the table below and request an application form or email to find out more



Membership Type

FOUNDATION – Athletes of any competition level, aged 13 & under
(Regional, National and International)
FREE Individual
BRONZE – Athletes at a Regional competition level, aged 14+. £9.00 per month (Direct Debit payment) Individual with addition of family members available*
SILVER – Athletes of a National competition level, aged 14+ £9.00 per month (Direct Debit payment) Individual with addition of family members available*
GOLD – Athletes at an international competition level, aged 14+ FREE Individual with addition of family members available*

*Terms and Conditions apply for family membership options and will be charged at £20 per adult and £10 per child per month




our Pillars

Build the foundation of becoming a great athlete, these four pillars support the development of all of our athletes.


You will have access to coaching or programmes via you National governing bodies or coaches to support the development and learning of specific movements or actions relevant to your sport, we are here to assist you through this process.


Your body needs to cope and grow with the vigour’s of your sport, this area also covers the nutritional and recovery aspect to building the required physical attributes to become a top athlete.



Building the social element is a key component of an athlete: how you communicate and interact with others all factor into the development of successful athletes.


Understanding how you work, think and respond under pressure, will help you develop strategies to work through any issues. Being strong in mind can be the difference to getting to the top of your sport.

Nominations for our 2018 Everybody Awards are now open! Plus don’t miss our exciting news, this years host for the Awards has now been announced. 

Each year the event celebrates sporting and community heroes in Cheshire East, with over 200 guests coming together to be recognised for their achievements and helping change lives through healthy recreation. Click here to find out more or to nominate.

Closing date for nominations: 19th August 2018.

Our Athletes


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