Keeping Children Active This Holiday

By Everybody Sport July 29, 2015

Times certainly have changed since we were children, waking up early to go for a walk to the park, climbing trees and spending all day outside until being called in for tea.

Now a days, technology has taken over and we would prefer to sit indoors watching films and playing on computer games all day.

There is nothing more important for children to regularly participate in exercise for just an hour a day (without them even knowing.)Just making it fun and appealing is all it takes to get children involved in exercise.

Asking them what they would like to do is important even if you do put your own spin on things, just so they feel they are getting a good deal.

– Going to play a game of badminton or tennis is great fun for all the family- walking to the park or a leisure centre just adds extra exercise.

– Visiting your local leisure centre for an inflatable fun swim or the amazing water walkerz instead of a general swim sounds more appealing to children however they are still using their muscles and building strength.

Crewe Pool Dual-Aqua-Runcrewe pool water walkerz

– Participating in a summer programme for a few days is great for kids to meet other children, spend all day doing a range of physical activities which are great fun and varied.

-Get your skates on and join a roller disco– great fun for all the family.

– Trampoline courses are fantastic, so much fun and it certainly does use a lot of energy.

Family rounder’s and football is great competition, Children V’s Adults. Let’s face it the children always win!

– Take part in children’s fitness classes together, such as Family spin, Minisanity, Silly circuits, Junior spin and Family Zumba – great support for each other.

– Enjoy the outdoors? Book place and take a trip to the Outdoor Pool for an adventurous Canoe Course.


Most importantly stay safe this summer and have fun.

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