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By Everybody Sport July 30, 2015

Exercise can sometimes only come into play when we have a special event coming up or a holiday. Sometimes we hit the gym/swim and classes 100% and change our meals immediately to a strict and un-enjoyable diet which we soon get bored of and end up back where we started.

Our trainers say this is because we hit exercise and diets to hard to start off with instead of making small, more manageable changes which fits in with YOUR  lifestyle. A small gradual change to exercise and our diet means more control and a happier fitness journey.  Sam from Shavington explains “I would always advise to limit the classes! What I mean by this is, people often do 3 classes a day, nearly everyday! This is over training instead of training smart! It’s better to put 100% into a class and fully push yourself to the max.”IMG_0730

One top tip to getting started from our Fitness Instructors at Nantwich Pool is to “Talk to your instructors, contact the centre to book an appointment, we’ll talk to you about each individual piece of kit we have and the best training tips. It is also easier for us to answer questions face to face as we can demonstrate as well as talk.”

Knowing what you are doing in the gym/classes and swimming is key to seeing changes in the body, improvements in your sessions and physically feeling better after each workout. “My tip would be to get a programme from one of our instructors in order to give direction and get the most out of your workouts.” Says Paul from the Barony Sports Complex.

What is really important about any form of exercise or lifestyle change is “to do something you enjoy, maybe its the Gym, Swimming or a Class.” Says Paul. It’s your choice you are in control, so why not make it an enjoyable experience every time you visit your Leisure Centre.Wilmslow Leisure Centre - zumba class with teacher Niki Bennett - lady in pink also a teacher Anne Hill

Mixing up your exercise can help with this, Paul advises: “Ask about different types of training we offer in order to keep things fresh e.g Metafit, Circuits, Splits, HIIT, Body Weight, Intervals, etc.” This is a great way to keep you motivated and interested in exercising instead of sticking to the same routine week in week out.

As well as picking the exercises you enjoy the next step is making sure you eat the right foods at the best time, “Experts say that it is best to eat within an hour of completing a workout. Your body needs this fuel to ensure that you get the most out of your workout. At the end of the day we all want our training to be worthwhile, or what’s the point? If you don’t have time or resources to have a mini healthy meal (chicken and veg or similar) then some fruit or a well balanced shake will suffice. Says Sam.

“I enjoy, Chicken baked with lemon and tarragon, broccoli with sesame seeds and another veg such as asparagus as a meal before training (at least 1.5 hrs before). After training- lightly toasted bread (home made preferably) with pesto, tomatoes, avocado with black pepper and a little parmesan cheese. This is what I would eat as it suits me and the training I do. Says Dane from Nantwich Leisure centre.

Nutrition is pretty individual depending on people’s allergies, tastes and what type of training your doing. Speaking to the Personal Trainers who will be able to advise and guide you with nutrition will help as part of your exercising. However remember- one step at a time, don’t make to many changes all at once, small, manageable lifestyle changes.

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