Learn To Swim Day

By Everybody Sport May 21, 2016

Learn To Swim Day

Everybody Sport and Recreation’s Aquatics Manager says,“Swimming is such an essential life skill. Swimming is not only used to keep fit and healthy, but it can help save a life. Swimming offers a variety of different pathways which range from social swimming through to competitive/elite swimming.

Everybody Sport & Recreation recognise the importance of this life skill and want to bring Cheshire East community together through swimming by offering ‘Learn to Swim’ lessons through our Everybody SWIM scheme, providing opportunities for all ages and abilities.”

Swimming will develop:

  • Competence in the water
  • Water confidence
  • Safe swimming
  • Enjoyment in the water
  • Likelihood of lifelong participation
  • Likelihood of leading a healthy lifestyle


How can we help?

Everybody are proud to deliver the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway, the all- inclusive programme takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water. Swimming is available to children of any age, size or ability.

Our junior lessons start with classes for pre school children either in Adult and Child classes for the younger children to our Duckling classes for children from 3 years old.

Once children are 4 years or older they can progress to our main Learn to Swim scheme programme developing the basic and essential skills required for building confidence and technique.

Once they have mastered the fundamental elements of swimming they will be ready to move on to our comprehensive programme of advanced lessons. Children are given the opportunity to work on their skills through our competitive swimming, Rookie Lifeguard, Mini Polo, Aqua Fun and Flip-n-Fun programmes, some of which are delivered by our partner swimming clubs.

For more information please visit: https://everybody.org.uk/genre/swimming/


It is never too late to learn how to swim!

At Everybody we understand how daunting it can be for adults who are not yet swimming, therefore we provide Adult Swimming Lessons for both beginners and improvers.

Teachers at Everybody are experienced, fully qualified and trained by the Amateur Swimming Association. Swimming provides all the health benefits of regular exercise along with the mental health benefits. Your body is naturally buoyant in water, therefore this also helps people who struggle with land based exercising and is useful for people with arthritis, back and weight problems.

Find out more information on what we also offer:

Adult Improver lessons

Adult Master Classes


How do I enrol?

Depending on the swimmers abilities there can be waiting lists, contact your local leisure centre for details of lessons in your area, visit our leisure facilities directory page.

We also offer concessions to customers who are eligible for the Everybody Options scheme.

All children enrolled on direct debit swim lessons with Everybody can now get unlimited free public swim sessions! We want to help children improve on their swimming technique and progress through the Learn to Swim stages. By providing free public swimming sessions for all children currently on the DD membership in stages 1-10, your children will be able to practice more often. Each child will also receive a free swimming cap, which is an essential for their swimming lessons. Ask at your leisure centre for more information.

For more information on Swimming Lessons, Swimming Clubs, Swim stages and our home portal please visit our website: https://everybody.org.uk/genre/swimming/ 

How do i become a swimming teacher?

The Everybody Academy provides a wide range of leisure and related training opportunities offering entry-level qualifications into the leisure industry as well as ongoing training allowing our own workforce and external candidates to maintain their skills and knowledge throughout the year.

Many of our training courses can be offered in the workplace as well at our own venues throughout the Cheshire East area.



ASA Level 1 Assistant Swimming Teachers Course

This Level 1 certificate allows you to assist a fully qualified Level 2 teacher and is the pre-requisite for the Level 2 qualification.

ASA Level 2 Swimming Teachers Course

This Level 2 certificate allows you to teach a range of aquatic skills to pupils and is the industry standard for swimming teachers.

ASA Swimming Teacher CPD

We will be hosting a number of CPD and other training sessions for swimming teachers.

National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches

This qualification trains the practical Lifesaving skills that may be needed by anyone teaching or coaching swimming or another programmed activity in the pool.

To find out more and how to book please visit : https://everybody.org.uk/everybody-academy