Inspiration Debbie makes Healthy changes to improve her quality of life

By Everybody Sport June 14, 2016

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscle control and movement. It’s usually caused by an injury to the brain before, during or after birth. Children with cerebral palsy have difficulties in controlling muscles and movements as they grow and develop. There is no cure for CP and the condition can lead to other problems, such as epilepsy, learning difficulties and hearing impairment to name a few.

At the age of 37, Debbie found herself homebound. Doctors were doubtful that she would be able to walk again. She had a twisted pelvis and her intervertebral disc was crushed, as a result it was causing a lot of pain. She lived like this for 2 years, a single mother of three sons. Debbie had a carer, but felt so alone, she had no friends as she didn’t leave the house. One day her son came in to her bedroom very upset and said that “he had lost his mum”. Although Debbie was alive, she wasn’t living and the effect this had on her sons was too much for her. Enough was enough.

Debbie saw a doctor and explained how things needed to change, she was reaching out for help, and all the doctor offered was Anti-depressants! Luckily, Debbie didn’t accept this, she told him that she doesn’t need tablets to ease her feelings, she needs help to turn her live around for her and her sons. They listened and she was referred to Haywood Hospital in Staffordshire where she was receiving physiotherapy. But that wasn’t enough. She took it upon herself to join in some Aquarobics sessions at both Nantwich and Crewe Swimming Pools. In the space of a year she started doing 5 aqua sessions a week, and lost 2 stone, making her condition much easier to manage.

Debbie then sought out help in the gym and with the help and support of Dane and Anthony at Nantwich Pool she began using the gym, and not only did she loose another stone in weight, but more importantly she was able to walk without falling over! She was feeling brilliant and positive about her future.

The fitness classes on offer started to catch Debbie’s eye, however, she felt doubtful that she would be accepted in the classes and able to keep up with all the other participants. But one day, she bit the bullet and approached Claire, a group fitness instructor at Nantwich Pool and after a discussion with Debbie, Claire welcomed her into her Bodytone class. A regular attendee of this class and what soon grew into many more (LBT, Spin, Kettlercise and even Metafit!) meant her balance was constantly improving.

Noticing that her weight loss had begun to slow down, she booked herself some Personal Training sessions with Sam. These sessions were tailored to Debbie’s abilities and goals. They helped her to love the gym, to understand what equipment she would benefit from most and gave her the extra push that she needed.

The specialists are shocked at the amount of positive effect the exercise has had on Debbie and how much she is able to do. Debbie has become a case study, whenever she attends her appointments there is always a group of students, researching her movements etc.

Debbie found that exercise had become a massive part of her life. She even overheard one member say to another, “if she can do it, I can do it”, Debbie had become an inspiration. Debbie’s journey isn’t over yet. She has lost a total of nearly 6 stone, enjoys her life, has made loads of new friends, can walk about with use of just one crutch, but more importantly, she is able to be a mother to her sons.

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