Real Life Transformation- Alison Wright

By Everybody Sport October 25, 2016

Real Life Transformation- Alison Wright

Alison Wright from Holmes Chapel has been a member at Holmes Chapel Community Centre since it opened in November 2015 after wanting to get her fitness back up after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since joining Holmes Chapel Community Centre Alison has been attending regular Pilates and Yoga classes as well as attending the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Alison’s favourite class is the Sunday morning Yoga class at 11:00am “It’s 45 minutes away from the family, away from work, away from everything, its time for me. I am a better person, that’s what I feel, I am a better person for coming here.” Alison explains.

“Initially because my fitness was so poor, I just couldn’t even walk up a flight of steps without having to stop, so stairs at home for example I had to stop half way. Even when I came for my induction the instructor was absolutely fantastic because I couldn’t go on any of the equipment, I couldn’t cycle, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do anything.”

Alison booked in for a programme with Holmes Chapel Community Centre’s  Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Jeremy Ogle who worked out a fitness programme for her “I found the programme really motivated me to keep coming, otherwise if you miss a week then that week can turn in to two weeks, but by having that programme and knowing that somebody is going to be coming and asking you how are you getting on, meant that I really have stuck to it.”

“My advice to anybody is to come down, have an induction, have a look round, have a go, it doesn’t matter if you can’t lift the weights or if you can’t do what some of the other people are doing, find a quiet time to come during the day or at weekends, just come and have a go and I think you will be surprised at how addictive it can become.”

Since being a member at Holmes Chapel Community Centre, Alison has noticed many benefits “I am a lot more toned, my stomach is a lot more flatter than it was, I can wear clothes which I couldn’t wear before.” Since attending the gym, fitness classes and eating a healthy diet, Alison has now lost an amazing 3 1/2 stone.

Alison had been watching the development of Holmes Chapel Community Centre after it re-opened to the public in November 2015, “I was quite sceptical at the beginning as I say my fitness was so poor, one of the main reasons for signing up is the benefits to people recovering from breast cancer, exercise and just looking after yourself is one of the key factors in helping prevent secondary breast cancer.”

“I find every time I come to Holmes Chapel Community Centre you are always greeted with a nice friendly face on the reception desk, they get to know you, they welcome you, and the other members of staff are fantastic.”

“I’ve done quite a few over 50’s classes, the HITT classes with Clair and Chris are all fantastic, they give you so much encouragement”

“I think what we need to understand is when you come to Holmes Chapel Community Centre you can come here as a normal person and enjoy getting fit, you don’t have to have a high level of fitness, any problems or any issues you may have they will very calmly, very carefully explain to you what you need to do.”

Since Alison has joined Holmes Chapel Community Centre she has started dog walking which she does with her friends 3 or 4 times a week and completes 3-4 miles each walk. “I would never have been able to do if I hadn’t of been coming here” explains Alison.

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