Real Life Transformation: Crewe Lifestyle Centre Member Makes Lifestyle Changes

By Everybody Sport January 17, 2017

Real Life Transformation: Crewe Lifestyle Centre Member Makes Lifestyle Changes

Becky has been a member at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre since April 2016 after wanting to incorporate exercise into her healthy eating. Becky has gone from size 24 to recently purchasing a size 16 which is her goal for March.

When Becky joined she received an induction in the gym and two programmes to guide and help build up her fitness level.“My first session I could only do 10 minutes on the treadmill, then I progressed to 30 minutes and included weights into my sessions.” She continues “The support I have received has been amazing, staff regularly ask me if there is any support I need and the customers are friendly.”

Becky’s aim was to have Personal Training sessions and workout for 1 hour, in order to do this she set herself short term goals, focused on her measurements and taking photographs to track her progress. Becky explains “Don’t give yourself to much, have a main goal but set yourself small achieveable goals in between to work towards.”

In May 2016, just 6 weeks into starting the gym, Becky completed a walk in the Lake District in just 2 ½ hours which she was really pleased with when the walk stated it can take anywhere between 2-5 hours. Becky is completing the walk again this year to compare her time!

Not only has Becky become more active “I have noticed my body changing, my mental health has improved and I am walking a lot quicker than before.” She explains “I never thought I would enjoy the gym but I do, I have gone from attending 3 times a week to 4/5 times plus a day at the weekend.”

Before Christmas Becky received a block of Personal Training sessions as a christmas present with Mitch Lawrence and has now booked onto her second block. “Personal Training is my favourite session at the gym, Mitch pushes me more than I would on my own, he knows what I can and cant do, there is no pressure.”

“Find a time which suits you and your lifestyle, a time which you are comfortable with.” For Becky, coming to the gym has become part of the whole family, “I walk around the track whilst my children attend the Junior athletics session at the Cumberland Arena. The children will use the library and swim whist I use the gym, so I can still keep my routine even in the school holiday’s.”

Becky is now part of the Everybody Volunteer Scheme and supports with the Active 8 sessions every Tuesday at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre. Activ8 Adults is a weekly multi-activity session for anyone one over 16 with a disability. The concept of the session is to provide a fun, social multi-activity session for people to be active.

“I saw a post on Facebook about volunteering for Everybody, I wanted to be able to give back the support I have received from the Crewe Lifestyle Centre. I feel like I have done something after volunteering.”

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