Charity provides online support during Mental Health Awareness Week

By Laura Ratcliffe May 4, 2020

Media Release

Charity provides online support during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Everybody Sport and Recreation, registered Health and Wellbeing Charity based in Cheshire East have been providing a range of free, online, health & fitness support to the community since their Leisure Centre’s closed temporarily in March.

Mental Health Awareness Week will take place on 18th- 24th May and this year’s theme is ‘kindness.’ As part of Everybody’s online support, their  team are providing a range of support and advice for the community throughout the week, to being kind to themselves and others.

Support includes free, online, Mind and Body exercise classes, including Yoga, Les Mills BodyBalance, Pilates and new Guided Meditation sessions!

Support also includes “kindness cards” where the community can share what they are going to do to be kind to themselves and others during Mental Health Awareness week, whether that’s, going for a walk, calling a friend or family member, taking up a hobby, completing an exercise class etc. It’s great to share what people are doing and give other people new ideas on how to be kind to themselves.

Resources will also be shared on the Everybody website and social media channels including, tips and blogs from Everybody’s Health Referral Lead, on a range of topics, including; looking after your mental health through physical activity and exercise, Why should we be more active for our mental health? What types of exercise should I be doing to help me?

Kevin Morris, Everybody Sport and Recreations Health Referral Lead shares:

“Healthy and poor mental health can impact how we as an individual thinks, perceives, responds, behaves as well as also influences our personality, intellect, and emotions. A brisk walk in the afternoon can boost our serotonin levels, which is a hormone from the brain that regulates moods, happiness and anxiety.”

He continues

“Mental health conditions like stress can take a toll on some of our bodily systems, particular our immune system and can lead to diseases. So if your feeling stressed out, feeling down or over whelmed, this is a sign you need to take care of yourself and prescribe yourself some exercise in your life; anything that gets you moving; dancing, walking, gardening, structured exercise like our live classes we put on each day to get that extra boost of serotonin.”

Disclaimer: Please take reasonable precautions to prevent damage or injury. Please do not participate in workouts if advised by your doctor against.

To access this support, visit for updates, join their Everybody Member Zone Facebook Group to access online support and live exercise classes, subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch up on classes at anytime or follow them on social media: Facebook @EverybodySportRecreation, Twitter and Instagram @EBLeisure.