Health and Leisure Charity awarded NHS Recondition the Nation - Gold Medal Award.

By Lucy Bourne February 14, 2024

Media Release

Health and Leisure Charity awarded NHS Recondition the Nation – Gold Medal Award.

Photo of the Everybody Healthy Team, standing in front of a gold backdrop, holding gold balloons and their certificate after being awarded ‘Recondition the Nation Gold Medal Award’ by NHS England.

Photo caption: Everybody Healthy Team awarded ‘Recondition the Nation Gold Medal Award’ by NHS England

Everybody Health and Leisure are celebrating after being awarded ‘Recondition the Nation Gold Medal Award’ by NHS England, for demonstrating sustained improvement through best practice health and wellbeing initiatives and performance data.

Deconditioning is seen as a priority by the NHS, with a focus on risk and impact of deconditioning for patients in hospital and community. In a blog shared by NHS England,

‘Recondition the Nation’ is in place to promote ‘reconditioning’ approaches with the aim that this initiative will be widely recognised and implemented across the health and social care sector to help all groups, and specifically our older generation, stay active, mobile and healthy.

A part of the campaign is for organisations to apply for ‘Recondition the Nation Medal Status’ which Everybody Health and Leisure have just been awarded for their Everybody Healthy programmes available across Cheshire East.

Donna Williamson Senior Manager- Health Innovation at Everybody Health and Leisure shares

“Our Everybody Healthy programmes support a wide range of deconditioned clients because of decline in physical function of the body caused through physical inactivity and/or bed rest or an extremely sedentary lifestyle. Programmes encourage/increase movement, mobility, and promote social interaction, so people can be active, independent, and mobile.

In addition, we work closely with healthcare colleagues, jointly delivering both Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation and Pulmonary Rehabilitation within our community settings, increasing provision, access and ensuring a sustainable pathway once patients are discharged to continue exercising with Everybody, offering long term support and progression.”

Everybody is a Health and Leisure charity based in Cheshire East that improves people’s lives through physical activity and healthy recreation. The charity has invested and created a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Service, who work with the public, private, voluntary sector partners and residents of Cheshire East, to provide integrated community based health and wellbeing programmes, preventing ill-health, addressing health inequalities and encouraging lifelong learning from early years to later live.

During the period April 2023- September 2023 the Everybody Healthy Team had 1470 referrals to their targeted health programmes and a further 134 to commissioned services, such as, Long-Covid Exercise Rehabilitation and the Junior Exercise Referral Programme. These programmes have proved to be incredibly successful and positively impacted the lives of many people in the local community.

Overall outcomes based on 1604 health referrals:

  • 80% improved their physical activity (minutes of activity each week when compared to start of the programme)
  • 66% now hitting government guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate activity
  • 65% improvement in mental wellbeing scores
  • 83% improvement in breathlessness
  • 94% improvement in fatigue levels
  • 54% achieved a weight loss
  • 60% reduced their fear of falling
  • 63% improvement in sit-stands
  • 57% improved their clinical pain management (completers of their ESCAPE-pain programme)
  • 57% improved their quality-of-life scores

Donna continues

“We are incredibly proud of the innovative programmes we have developed and continue to deliver all year round, supporting those greatest in need. Working closely with our healthcare colleagues and being an extension of the NHS supporting people to be more active, providing an integrated approach to care.”

If you would like to find out more about Everybody Health and Leisure’s targeted health and wellbeing programmes please visit: Health Programmes • Everybody Health and Leisure or contact the Everybody Healthy Team on: 01270 685589 or email  [email protected]


Notes to Editor

Everybody Health and Leisure is a registered charity which aims to provide ‘leisure for life’ by improving the health and wellbeing of local communities. The charity operates 16 leisure facilities including 9 swimming pools and 7 Taste for Life cafes across the Cheshire East region, and delivers a range of targeted health, sports and disability and inclusion programmes. For more information please visit:

LinkedIn: EverybodyHealthLeisure

Facebook: @EverybodyHealthLeisure

Twitter: EBLeisure


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