Everybody Member Overcomes Quadruple Bypass Surgery Thanks to Charities Health Programme

By Matthew Shannon May 24, 2024

Media Release 

Everybody Member Overcomes Quadruple Bypass Surgery Thanks to Charities Health Programme

Everybody Healthy member David Irving alongside Specialist Health Advisor Rachel Evans

Everybody Healthy member David Irving alongside Specialist Health Advisor Rachel Evans

Congratulations to David Irving who has successfully completed Everybody’s 12 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme at Crewe Lifestyle Centre with Specialist Health Advisor Rachel.  David had completed his phase 3 rehabilitation and having seen the benefits the exercise had made he wanted to continue. 

David started the programme with apprehension, having completed six weeks of supervised exercise he was still lacking in self confidence in his abilities as to whether this was the right lifestyle choice for him. On meeting with Rachel, it was discussed what David’s goals were to be, and an action plan implemented as to how they would be achieved.

David had overcome extensive surgery having had a quadruple bypass in September 2023 along with other co-morbidities knew he needed to improve his lifestyle choices to benefit his long-term health.

David was to follow a cardiac specific exercise programme within the gym, a programme that he would follow twice a week if he was to achieve his goals, which were to use exercise to help manage and improve his heart health and existing co-morbidities, improve self-confidence and increase his social network.

Throughout the programme, David’s fitness levels have improved immensely, his stamina is better, he can cycle further on a higher resistance and is walking for longer on an incline. Strength improvements have been achieved especially to his chest and upper body which has given him the confidence to start gardening once again mowing lawns and lifting plant containers all be it with a rest in between.

Specialist Health Advisor, Rachel Evans, had this to say about David’s journey:

“David has done amazingly well throughout this programme. At the beginning he was very unsure of how he would cope but now he has confidence in himself to exercise he enjoys coming to the gym as it gives him a boost physically as well as the interaction with others”.

David had this to share about his experience on the programme:

“When I started this programme, I would say I was more of a listener and not someone who would openly talk about what I had physically and mentally gone through. Since attending the gym it has given me the confidence to talk to others about what has happened to me and the aftercare I have received. I am confident to exercise, I feel more outgoing and my personal wellbeing has improved considerably, I would definitely recommend the programme the help I received from Rachel and the Team has been fantastic”.

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation classes are a crucial part of recovery and prevention if you have suffered a cardiac event or have attended the NHS Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III programme. The programme reinforces positive lifestyle changes and supports participation in becoming active and healthy in a friendly and safe environment.

To find out more information on Everybody’s website visit www.everybody.org.uk/what-we-offer/get-fit-and-healthy/health/specialist-rehabilitation-exercise-classes/phase-iv-cardiac-rehabilitation/


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