Workouts For EVERYBODY This Easter

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Published: March 12th 2024

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Workouts For EVERYBODY This Easter

Welcome to the most egg-citing fitness blog of the season!

Get ready to hop into shape with some Easter-themed workouts that are perfect for the whole family. Whether you’re a bunny enthusiast looking for a fun way to stay active, don’t let the school holidays stop your exercise routine. These family friendly workouts will have you cracking a sweat, feeling energised and burning off those mini eggs, in no time.

Easter Family Workouts:

1. Bunny Hop HIIT

2. Egg Hunt Cardio

3. Bunny Yoga Flow

4. Easter Basket Weightlifting

5. Carrot Lunges

Bunny Hop HIIT

Start by warming up with the whole family doing some light cardio, then channel your inner rabbit and get ready to hop, skip and jump! Perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises like bunny hops, jumping jacks, and squat jumps. Alternate between bursts of intense activity and short rest periods for an egg-cellent full-body workout. What better way to start the Easter period right?

Egg Hunt Cardio

Take your cardio workout outdoors with an egg hunt twist! Hide plastic eggs filled with small treats or notes around your yard or a nearby park. Set a timer and challenge yourself to find as many eggs as possible within a certain time frame. Jog, run, or even hop between hiding spots for an extra calorie burn.

Bunny Yoga Flow

Unleash your inner zen bunny with some Easter-themed yoga poses. Start in child’s pose, imagining you’re curling up like a baby bunny in its nest. Transition into rabbit pose by sitting on your heels and reaching back to hold onto your feet while tucking your chin towards your chest. Finally, finish off with tree pose but instead of extending one leg out straight, bend it at the knee and rest the sole of the foot against the opposite inner thigh – imagine balancing on one leg like a hopping bunny!

Easter Basket Weightlifting

Incorporate some resistance training into your Easter family workout routine by using an empty basket as makeshift weights! Fill it up with plastic eggs or other lightweight objects and perform exercises like bicep curls, overhead presses, and lateral raises. Feel the burn as you strengthen and tone your muscles while embracing the Easter spirit.

Carrot Lunges

Let’s strengthen those legs while pretending to be Peter Cottontail! Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding an imaginary carrot in each hand (or use dumbbells if you prefer). Take a big step forward with one leg, lowering yourself into a lunge position while extending your arms forward as if offering carrots to someone special. Push back up through your front heel and repeat on the other side.

In conclusion, Easter-themed family workouts are a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday’s while staying active and fit. Whether you’re hopping like a bunny, rolling eggs like a pro, or lifting baskets like a champ, these fun exercises will add an extra element of joy to your fitness routine. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself while getting active. Modify any exercise as needed and listen to your body’s limits. Stay hydrated, stay motivated and embrace the Easter spirit as you hop into shape. Happy Easter and happy exercising!

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