Our past year charity outcomes and promises

As an independent, not-for-profit registered charity, Everybody invests its surpluses back into our local communities, aligned to our charity mission of helping people in our communities to live well and for longer. This past year, your ongoing membership & support has enabled us to support thousands of people with a long-term medical condition to improve their wellbeing and mobility. These and other initiatives include long covid rehabilitation, disability cycling sessions, social isolation clubs, children’s activity sessions and more. In addition, we have continued to invest in upgrading our offer, including the reopening of Congleton Leisure Centre, a brand-new gym at Wilmslow, and two upgraded gyms in Knutsford and Poynton.

(Brand-new gym at Wilmslow)

(Brand-new gym at Poynton)

Supporting Cheshire East Council to meet its financial challenges

Given the current challenges to local government funding and the council’s recent review of the council’s leisure services, we’re trying to contribute more than ever to the efficient running of our centres to protect them for the future. Swimming pools remain at threat across the country though we will continue to demonstrate the value of swimming as an important life skill and are fully committed to keeping our pools open. Having delivered savings to Cheshire East Council last year and increased income through a swimming surcharge and through supporting with successful grant applications. We will continue to apply a surcharge (at a reduced level) for the forthcoming year on all swimming activities to support the Council and help ensure our facilities and services remain accessible for all.


We are focused on improving our sustainability and are supporting UKActive in creating an energy efficiency blueprint for the leisure industry to follow and independently, we have made cost savings and operating efficiencies which include reductions in crude oil, plastic, and carbon dioxide usage via our green care product switch.

Providing our workforce with a fair pay deal

One of our greatest but important challenges is to ensure our valued staff are paid a fair salary in line with the current and increasing living wage. At a cost of over £1m, it demonstrates our commitment to our workforce, as well as providing hundreds of jobs each year to the local community and maintaining our position as an award-winning employer & Investor in People. For you, this ensures the best people from across the area want to work in our facilities, providing the assurance to you, that the staff you speak to are knowledgeable, highly skilled and supportive.

Recent award logos- Everybody received the Best Company to Work For award at the recent North East Cheshire Business Awards and the Contribution to the Community 2022 and Employer of the Year 2019 awards at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We are an accredited Investors in People (IIP) employer.

Options concessionary discounts

Given the financial pressures on local government and the recent leisure review; Everybody has accepted and enabled a reduction in our annual management fee from the Council. Feedback from the concessionary review has resulted in the Options discount reducing to 20% off our standard adult prices. These will continue for those eligible and that reside in Cheshire East in 2024/25. To access the support scheme and/or continue to receive any concessionary discount, you’ll need to provide your proof of eligibility to the team over the coming weeks.

Continued investment in health and leisure

Everybody has a strong partnership with Cheshire East Council and whilst the budgetary news is extremely challenging, both organisations are committed to ensuring health and leisure does not suffer. Together, we will continue to invest wherever feasible, in your local centres, which includes the equipment and facility upgrades at Shavington and Sandbach currently underway, and with more planned over the coming year at multiple facilities.