Are you part of our Adult Exercise Referral programme?

If you have selected gym as your chosen activity, or feel anxious about the gym environment and would like support, why not come and join us at our new Health Led Gym Sessions for our Adult Exercise Referral members?

If you are struggling with your exercise programme, our Specialist Health Advisor Vicky will be on hand to alter or amend your programme, aiding progress and increase your motivation.

These sessions are for members on the Adult Exercise Referral programme, included in our 12 weeks for £28.95 and our health follow on memberships.

Here’s our Specialist Health Advisor Vicky to tell you more:

When do they take place?

Our Specialist Health Advisor Vicky will be in the gym on certain days and times, on hand to offer help, advice, guidance and support with your tailored programme:

·        Wednesdays 13.30pm-14.30pm

·        Fridays 11:00am-12:00pm

No need to book, just turn up on those days and times.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more, please speak to your Specialist Health Advisor or contact our Everybody Healthy team on:

Call: 01270 685589

Email:  [email protected]