What is Junior Gym?

Junior Gym sessions are open to young people aged 11-15, on the days and times listed on this page.

We pride ourselves in offering a safe, inclusive and welcoming fitness environment and in this instance want young people to experience the same positive mental, physical and social health benefits of exercise as adults do.

Juniors aged 11-15 years old wishing to use the gym must complete an induction, with 11-13 years old (inclusive) completing the induction with a parent/guardian present.

Once in the gym, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the 11-13 years old and will train in direct line of sight of the Junior, following the guidance set out by an Everybody Health and Fitness Advisor. This is on a ratio of 1 adult to 1 junior.

Juniors aged 14+ can use the gym equipment without close supervision, provided that the pre-screening guidance has been completed.

The below table outlines a brief summary of the different gym-based equipment that an 11-15 year old (inclusive) can use:

AgeCardiovascular EquipmentBodyweight ExercisesFunctional Training EquipmentResistance EquipmentFree Weights (Light)Free Weights (Heavy)
11 – 12 years oldXXX
13 years old√**X
14 years +

**can use light free weights when supervised during a Next-Gen Gym session

Junior Gym Sessions

Saturday & Sunday

2pm until Close

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