Everybody Membership Terms and Conditions

General Terms (All Memberships)

1. Activities included in the Everybody scheme are only offered to the named holder of the membership.

2. You are advised to complete an activation session prior to using the fitness suites and all customers must complete a Health Commitment Statement prior to using the gym facilities. You must notify us of any significant changes to your health that may affect your ability to use the fitness suites and facilities safely.

3. Everybody Health & Leisure excludes liability for death, personal injury and loss or damage of any kind save where the death or personal injury is caused by the negligence of Everybody Health & Leisure or its staff.

4. Direct Debit payments are taken on the nearest working day to the 1st or 15th of each month. A pro-rata fee may be payable when you first join to allow sufficient time to set up your first Direct Debit with the bank.

5. Everybody Health & Leisure reserves the right to reject any application for membership or a renewal of that membership without providing any reason for that rejection.

6. Your Everybody membership card must be presented on every visit. Both your card and membership subscription is non-transferable and the card remains the property of Everybody Health & Leisure.

7. Please keep your membership card in a safe place, if you lose your card a £5.25 administration fee will be charged for a replacement card.

8. Everybody Members should abide by the Customer Etiquette Guidelines on display in all of our facilities. The facility management team has the right to refuse admission to any person who is behaving, in the view of the staff, in a dangerous or unsuitable manner.

9. For security purposes, your photograph will be taken when your card is issued. This photograph is used for identifying the cardholder prior to granting access to the facilities.

10. Everybody Health & Leisure reserves the right to withdraw or amend any of the above conditions or activities offered or to suspend the Everybody scheme, or any part of the scheme, at any time, without notice. Everybody Health & Leisure will endeavour to supply alternative facilities wherever possible.

11. Any personal information you provide will be held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and used for processing your membership of the fitness scheme. If you wish to receive further information with regards to promotions, member offers and events you should make this known when joining the scheme by identifying your preferred method of contact. We will not pass your details on to any other organisations without your permission.

12. All Everybody direct debit memberships are agreements in accordance with the Direct Debit Guarantee and are subject to regular price reviews. Any change to memberships will be notified in writing a minimum of 10 days before any intended change.

13. Memberships can be frozen for a maximum of 3 months at a time with a £5 direct debit charge applied to each month. Freezes can be applied by contacting [email protected]

14. Memberships cannot be cancelled prior to the agreed contract length that you have signed up for and the last payment has been made. A contract may be cancelled once the final payment has been collected, this requires 10 days advance notice in writing to Everybody Health & Leisure to the e-mail address [email protected]. A confirmation e-mail will be sent back. Queries on cancelled memberships can only be dealt with when a copy of the confirmation e-mail and ticket number is provided.

Specific terms applicable to membership categories and subscriptions;

Everybody 12 Month Committed

15. This agreement is for a minimum 12 direct debit collections, after which the membership will continue on a rolling monthly basis. It may be terminated by giving not less than 10 days prior written notice to expire when the 12th direct debit collection has been made to [email protected].

16. If the membership is cancelled before the end of the agreed contract term on your membership agreement then you must pay the contracted membership fees due for the remainder of the agreed contract period.

Everybody Corporate (As Everybody 12 Month plus):

Corporate memberships are only valid providing the following conditions are met:

17 a. The member remains employed by the approved organisation, note that the member may be requested to provide proof of employment by the approved corporate organisation at any time.

17 b. The company meets its minimum number of members within the Everybody scheme (currently 10). If at any time these conditions are not met, the member will be given notice of their membership fee to return to the non-discounted standard rate at the current time.

Everybody Annual Pass

18. No refunds, freezes or suspensions can be issued or applied to Everybody annual passes. All annual passes expire 1 year after the original start date.

Junior Members and Children

19. If you are any age up to 16 (inclusive) your parent or guardian must sign this agreement on your behalf. By signing this agreement your parent or guardian agrees to be responsible for your behaviour and actions at all times and to pay us any amounts that are due on your behalf.

20. When you reach 18 your junior membership will end and you will automatically and immediately become a full adult member and sign a copy of this agreement.

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information, such as name, email, post code, gender, birth date, occupation and interests when you sign up so that we can process your membership, manage your account, and give you offers of products and services we think you would like. For more information on how we process your data please read our Privacy Policy www.everybody.org.uk/about/privacy-policy