March Price Lock Offer

1) The offer is open to new members joining an annual prepaid membership in March 2024. The offer is also open to any existing Direct Debit monthly paying member when they switch to an annual prepaid membership. Any existing annual prepaid members with a membership due to expire before 30 April 2024 can also take up this offer.

2) The price is only available for purchase between 6th -31st March 2024 only.

3) Existing prepaid annual members can renew up to 30 days before the current membership expires.

4) Any Direct Debit member wanting to convert to annual prepaid membership can do so from the next direct debit collection date (1st or 15th).

5) No joining fee (£19.99) using promo code LOCK24 or CL12FOR10

6) The offer does NOT apply to current annual cash memberships with a renewal date from the 1st of May 2024 onwards.

7) No refunds, freezes or suspensions can be applied to Everybody annual passes.

8) All membership terms and conditions apply

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information, such as name, email, post code, gender, birth date, occupation and interests when you sign up so that we can process your membership, manage your account, and give you offers of products and services we think you would like. For more information on how we process your data please read our Privacy Policy