What is the Everybody Talented Athlete Support Scheme?

We recognise the importance of supporting local talented athletes enabling them to pursue sporting excellence.  Members of our Talented Athlete Support Scheme can use our facilities and expertise to achieve their sporting goals.

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Talented Athlete Support Scheme membership

Our Everybody Talented Athlete Membership Package includes access to Everybody facilities:

Swimming Pools


Group Fitness

Athletics Tracks

Membership Pricing




FOUNDATION – Athletes of any competition level, aged 13 & under
(Regional, National and International)
BRONZE – Athletes at a Regional competition level, aged 14+.£9.99 per month (Direct Debit payment)Individual
SILVER – Athletes of a National competition level, aged 14+£9.99 per month (Direct Debit payment)Individual
GOLD – Athletes recognised and competed in international competition level, aged 14+FREEIndividual


If you meet the criteria above you can apply for our Talented Athlete Support Scheme membership here

If you have any questions, please contact the team on: [email protected]


Your Commitment to Everybody Health & Leisure

Inspiring through presentations

Athletes have inspired the next generation, sharing their stories by visiting schools and awarding certificates to their sporting peers. Also, our athletes shared their journey at our annual conference.

Sharing your journey

Athletes can keep us up to date through our dedicated Facebook page, where you’ll already find a number of stories posted by athletes. You can also tag us on Instagram to keep us up to date with your athlete journey!

Celebrating successes

Many of our athletes have been nominated or even won the annual Everybody Awards. We anticipate many future successes and always excited to hear the stories of how athletes train, overcome adversity or simply blow the socks off the opposition in their chosen sport.




Naomi Bostock, European Championship Gymnast:
“I feel the Everybody TASS has really supported my gymnastics journey and has given me the opportunity to build my strength in a positive way alongside the training programmes set by my club. I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone interested as, in conjunction with my personal coaches support and club training, it has allowed me to further my capabilities in a way in which I never expected!”

Our Pillars

Build the foundation of becoming a great athlete, these four pillars support the development of all of our athletes.


You will have access to coaching or programmes through national governing bodies or coaches. This supports the development and learning of specific movements or actions relevant to your sport, we are here to assist you through this process.


Your body needs to cope and grow with the vigour’s of your sport, we will support by offering some tools to self help and access facilities to develop and train to build the required physical attributes to become a top athlete.


Building the social element is a key component of an athlete: how you communicate and interact with other athletes, share experience and exchange tips can be pivotal in being successful.


Tools to mange and deal with the pressures of being an athlete.  Understanding how you work, think and respond, we will help you develop strategies to work through those challenges any issues.

Tell us about your achievements

We love to hear what our athletes are up to and shout about their achievements, so if you are taking part in an event or have a good news story that you are happy for us to share, please get in touch by completing the below form.

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    If you have any questions, please contact the team on: [email protected]