Ready to explore the gym but not sure how or where to start?

Exclusively for Everybody members, Activations are designed to help you get the most out of your membership, including a fitness programme to keep you on track and reaching your goals.

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Get more from your membership with an Activation Session

Activation Sessions are there to help Everybody members get the most out of their membership and includes:

  • Meet and greet with your Health & Fitness Advisor
  • Explore our top of the range fitness equipment & technology
  • Work with a coach on developing a fitness programme to help you set and reach your goals
  • Receive a FREE body composition scan to understand your body better and track you progress throughout your membership
  • Get to know your Everybody member benefits

Bespoke to the member and your needs on the day, an Activation session can be anywhere from 20 minutes, and take no longer than 1 hour.

After the initial activation you will be invited back for a 30 minute follow-up to review your progress. Reviews are scheduled between 4 -12 weeks after the initial activation.

Get to know our Technogym Skill Line

Our gyms at Alderley Park, Crewe, Alsager, Macclesfield, Shavington, Nantwich and Congleton are equipped with state of the art ‘Mywellness’ technology alongside industry leading Technogym equipment, giving you the best fitness experience, in your local town.

Book an Activation Session to see what the SKILL LINE range has to offer your workouts, a line of products developed by Technogym for all those who want to improve their athletic performance, including power, agility, stamina and speed.

Bring wellness into your lifestyle everywhere and any time with Mywellness

Mywellness is a system from Technogym that helps you to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Mywellness app is simple to use and makes it easier to stick to your programme , as well as discover how your daily activities keep you fit and healthy by tracking everything you do, wherever you go.


With the app downloaded on your smartphone you can easily connect to our Technogym equipment, access a library of exercise demonstrations and view personalised programmes from an Everybody health & fitness expert.

Our Body Composition Analysers

Boditrax and Tanita will give you body analytics that you, together with your health and fitness advisor, will use to tailor your fitness programme to your statistics and get you off to a fully supported flying start.

Analytics include:

  • Bodyweight, BMI and fat free body mass
  • Breakdown of your body composition including water, muscle, fat and bone mass
  • Basal metabolic rate, degree of obesity and your metabolic age.

Your results are automatically logged in the Mywellness app for you to access anytime.

By taking a regular body scan you will be able to see your progress, providing you with motivation to keep you on track with your fitness goals, as well as showing you the areas that you need to focus on.

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