Everybody Foundation


What is the Everybody Foundation?

The Everybody Foundation is a charity (Registered Charity No. 1174873) that raises funds to support individuals and groups to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

All applications must benefit the local community and align with the Everybody Foundation’s objects and Grant Making Policy.

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What are the Everybody Foundation’s aims?

The Everybody Foundation’s has three aims for the benefit of the public within the communities in which Everybody Sport and Recreation operates. They are:

  1. Promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle

Organisations can be funded to deliver projects that encourage people to be active and healthy. It could be a one-off community event, to kick-start an activity programme or something completely different.

  1. Assisting individuals to achieve their potential

Individuals can be supported to be active regardless of whether that is trying to win an Olympic gold medal, develop the skills to help others to be active or to access their session of choice more regularly.

  1. Improvement to facilities used to fulfil an active lifestyle

Funding can be used to pay for facility developments and the purchase of non-sporting equipment that helps the communities in which Everybody Sport and Recreation operates to be more active.

What can the Everybody Foundation support?

The projects that the foundation may decide to fund are endless providing the application meets the Everybody Foundation’s aims. Examples could include:

  • Organising a family fun day in a local park.
  • Helping a sports club to develop a new session for a hard to reach group.
  • Supporting a young athlete to access specialist training facilities.
  • Operating a subsidised walking football group.
  • Offering a free sports hall to a charity fundraising activity.
  • Assisting the purchase of a table tennis table for a community centre.


Who can apply and how much can be applied for?

Applications can be made by anyone on behalf of themselves, another individual or a group / organisation. Each individual / group can apply for up to a maximum of £500 per year.

How to apply?

Applications can be made by completing the Everybody Foundation Nomination Form either electronically to foundation@everybody.org.uk, by post to Everybody Foundation, Holmes Chapel Community Centre, Station Road, Holmes Chapel, CW4 8AA or in person at your local Everybody leisure centre.

Closing dates and decision meetings

All applications will be considered by the Everybody Foundation Trustees and grants will be awarded to the highest scoring applications until all funds are committed. Decisions will be communicated electronically within six weeks of the closing date.

Applications close on 31st August 2018. All dates are subject to change – please check the website or contact the Foundation for latest details.

How does the Everybody Foundation receive money?

The Everybody Foundation receives money by:

  • Team Everybody sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Charity boxes at your local Everybody centre
  • Various fundraising activities organised by the Everybody Foundation Fundraising Team


Guidance and further questions

Please complete with as much information and detail as you can, if there isn’t enough to support your application then it will be returned to you which could delay the process.

If you have any questions whilst completing the forms or about the Everybody Foundation in general please contact Everybody Foundation Executive Officer on 01625 383778 or foundation@everybody.org.uk