Real Life Transformation- Ricky shares his inspirational story after losing almost 5 stone

By Everybody Sport January 25, 2017

Member Ricky shares his truly inspirational story with us, how he has battled with weight issues, his self esteem and confidence to losing almost 5 stone and now looks in the mirror and is happy with what he has achieved.

Ricky Lee- January 2016

Ricky shares, “From as early as 9 years old I’ve struggled with weight issues and in my early teens I developed an image problem but as a guy I felt embarrassed and ashamed to speak about it and my weight continued piling on throughout my late teens and early 20s.

By late 2015 I was weighing in at 118kg with over 30% body fat. I was clinically obese. My knees hurt and I was always out of breath but again I felt too embarrassed and intimidated going to a gym.”

In March 2016, things started to change for Ricky, “I finally acknowledged that not only did I have a weight issue but a mental battle with self-esteem and confidence so I threw myself into gym at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre. I was hungry and desperate for change and to overcome my personal demons.”

At the start Ricky attended the gym twice a week which progressed into 4-5 days a week after noticing the more time he put in the more his self esteem and confidence grew as well as noticing his body changing.

When Ricky joined he explained “I had no idea what to do, how to train or even what a diet plan was but after a few weeks I built up enough courage to talk to some of the trainers in the gym and even some of the members.”

Ricky explained that to his surprise everybody he spoke to gave him “sound advice on diet, form, how and various different ways to lift, some even let me join in with their session and it greatly increased my confidence, my self-esteem and I felt less intimidated every time I went. I really felt a part of a gym family and I wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to ask for help anymore, even when I was struggling with muscle imbalances in my chest.”

Ricky Lee (Left) with Fitness Instructor Jack Buchanan (Right)

Both Personal Trainers Sam Bottomley and Mitch Lawrence gave Ricky support in the gym, from advice on correcting muscle imbalance to Sam inviting Ricky to a GRIT Strength class and reassured Ricky by saying he can always ask for help.

“It does help knowing that people are always going to be there to help you on your journey, no matter what stage you’re at.”

Ricky explains “Because of my great experience with the managers, the staff and the members at Crewe Lifestyle Centre I kept going back and in 7 months I managed to lose almost 5 stone.”

“I love the gym and the atmosphere there and I’ve gone from the guy quietly struggling in the corner to someone who can look himself in the mirror and be happy with what he’s achieved”

“If I could say anything to the beginners or anybody struggling with confidence, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff know their stuff and have helped me greatly on my journey and I strongly believe that they can help you achieve your goals too.”

If you would like help and support with getting started in the gym or making lifestyle changes we have a range of services and programmes available to you. From health programmes and Lifestyle Coaches to Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors there is always somebody available to help and guide you. If you would like more information please visit our website or email [email protected].


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