Nikki Prince - I’ve lost over 4 ½ stone and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6-8!

By Everybody Sport February 23, 2018

Back in December 2017, we ran a challenge to find our three most dedicated members across all of our centres! Three amazing ladies came out on top with a joint total of 290 visits and they were all awarded with a MyZone fitness belt!

We caught up with Nikki Prince, Crewe Lifestyle Centre, Shavington Leisure Centre and Nantwich Swimming Pool member who wracked up an impressive 90 visits in December to hear about her fitness journey so far and how she keeps herself so motivated;

How long have you been a member of Everybody Leisure?

I started in January 2016, like everyone else after Christmas, thinking I need to do this… I need to make a change!

How often do you visit the centre/s?

I use the facilities at Crewe Lifestyle Centre, Nantwich and Shavington. I go to the gym early every morning for cardio or weights and then I do at least 2 classes of an evening . On average, I do 18-20 sessions a week and more when I’m not working!

When you visit the centre, do you tend to use the gym predominantly? Or classes? Or swim? Or a bit of everything?

I began only doing classes but as time has gone, I’m running and more and doing weights in the gym which is becoming my routine, so it’s very much 50/50 between classes and the gym.

How do you find your motivation to keep visiting the centre so regularly?

I just LOVE it! It’s such a great feeling coming to the gym and working out. I always feel amazing after a great class, a run or a tough weights session. I’ve made so many fantastic friends, including the instructors, so it’s easy to come and work out when you are having fun with your Gym Buddies!

How does it feel to have been one of the top three members who visited the gym most in December and therefore to have won a MyZone fitness belt?

I was shocked, lost for words and amazed! I can’t believe I racked up that many visits in one month. I feel mega proud of myself & I never win anything, so thank you!

Have you noticed any differences to your physical appearance, mental wellness, health etc since becoming a member?

Yes to all of the above!  Physically I have changed dramatically, my mental health has sky rocketed and my health has improved.  I feel energized, happy and motivated all of the time!

Have you noticed any physical or mental changes since becoming a regular user of the centres?

I’ve lost over 4 ½ stone and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6-8! My muscle mass is 87% and my body fat is down to 9.5%.  All of these measurements mean nothing though, I just love being in a Happy Place!

Are you doing anything differently now lifestyle wise that you weren’t doing before you joined the gym?

Yes, a healthy lifestyle has spilled out into my home life and benefits not only me but my husband (who is extremely supportive) and my children. We get out and about more, we love to go on family walks & enjoy life outdoors. Healthy eating is now also important to us all and we all love trying out new weird and wonderful ‘good for us’ food & recipes!

Have any Everybody staff had an impact on your fitness journey so far?

Where do I start?! The staff are just AMAZING! They are so inspirational, they lead by example and continuously encourage and empower everyone who attends their classes. In particular, I have to thank Stacey Wilshaw from Crewe Lifestyle Centre. She’s an amazing person, I love her Body Combat, Body Pump & Body Attack classes and she is designing a new weights programme for me. She constantly encourages me to improve! I’d also like to thank Sam Bottomley, Lucinda, Claire Mottershead and Craig Brough – the Everybody team is AWESOME!

If someone was thinking of joining the gym yet felt apprehensive about doing so, what would you say as advice or to urge them to join?

I’d say ‘Just Do It’, you won’t regret it! You might feel intimidated the first few times you go but embrace it and you’ll soon get to know what you are doing. The staff are brilliant and they’ll guide you through it and before you know it, you’ll have made some great Gym Buddies who will keep you motivated!

If you would like help and support with getting started in the gym or making lifestyle changes, we have a range of services and programmes available to you. From health programmes and Lifestyle Coaches to Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors there is always somebody available to help and guide you. If you would like more information please email [email protected].


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