What is Five Concept Range?

  • Movement Preparation
  • Mobilisation
  • Recovery
  • Regeneration
  • Flexibility
  • Stretching

The five method was developed on the basis of scientific findings. Five-device course serves as an aid and tool for balanced training. With the help of the five exercises they can help the trainees worldwide to have a better quality of life and contribute a little bit to the fact that “old thinking” is reconsidered.

The Five Concept Range from Reach Wellness is a newly developed range of equipment , perfect for movement, preparation , mobilisation , recovery, regeneration, flexibility and stretching. This exciting addition is perfect for pre and post workout and can change the way you exercise.

Benefits of Five Concept Range

  • Optimizes the muscular system and makes you stronger
  • Compliments the athletic properties
  • Forms the third pillar to strength and performance
  • In addition to the muscles, it also addresses the fascia

What's in Five concept range?

The five ember can release the tension in the entire buttock musculature and positively influence the mobility in the hip and knee joint.

More information

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    Five concept range

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