What is Aquafit ?

Aquafit is such a popular class (so remember to book as early as possible!) It’s full body Aerobics but in the water, what’s not to like about that?

Here’s a quick snapshot of why Aquafit is so brilliant;

It’s uniquely inclusive. Not many fitness classes can claim to be as inclusive as Aquafit. Some classes are too stressful on the body, some are too intense, some are too easy and some are too challenging. With Aquafit, all fitness levels can get involved so whether you’re confident in the water or just getting your fitness journey on the road, you’ll find a happy workout!

It’s kind on the joints. Water fitness is notoriously kinder on the body. Being in water reduces the gravity forcing weight down on the body and studies show it also reduces impact on joints by around 85 percent. This is why Aquafit is fantastic if you’re recovering from injury or suffer from chronic joint conditions such as arthritis or sclerosis.

It’s a full body workout. Just because you’re not getting sweaty lifting weights or running on a treadmill doesn’t mean you’re not working your body hard enough! Exercising in the water means your body meets resistance from the water, which over time will build muscle mass and increase your flexibility. And when there’s resistance from the water, you have to work those muscles harder, pumping the heart faster and ultimately burning more calories!

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