We are so excited to welcome you back to Everybody, we have missed you! This page has all the information you need to know on how we can support you in getting ready to return to our facilities, from free gym programmes, inductions, body analysis equipment and even getting your gym bag ready to return!

Our friendly team are available for inductions and are happy to show you how to best utilise all the equipment available on site.

What is reopening and when?

Key dates for your diary

Check out our most recent statement on our reopening and FAQ’s here  and our Everybody Back Together page with all the information you need to know about returning to Everybody


..Everybody Members, Martin and Natalie are ready to return, here is what they are most looking forward to..

Everybody Get Ready to return to the Gym!

Smart Restart Sessions!

Restart your fitness journey with a Smart Fitness Session. Our brand new FREE 30 minutes sessions are the perfect way to get your health and fitness journey restarted!

Receive a full body analysis from one of our highly trained health and fitness teams. Followed by a full personalised programme that will support you in all of your goals. The team will also be available to run through any smart tech such as MyZone, and get you clued up on all of your centres USP products!

Our group exercise classes may be unable to take place within our centres until May but the team are here to help you get the most out of our Gym equipment to get you ready to return to classes!

Make an appointment with the team on site, and let’s work on your health and fitness goals together!

Body Analysis Equipment

Our sites are fitted with state of the art body analysis equipment, including Boditrax and Tanita.

Find out everything you need to know about your body composition and effectively track your goals using the kit. Our team are on hand to support you with everything to do with our body composition equipment.



“With a Tanita segmental body composition monitor you can measure your health precisely, for each body part independently. That will give you a clear view of your health and progress, so you know exactly what to focus on. The readings of a Tanita segmental body composition monitor are based on reliable, accurate and proven bioelectrical impedance technology.”

Source: https://tanita.eu/consumer-products/body-composition-monitors/



“Boditrax is body composition and celluar monitoring that mixes clinically validated hardware with simple, easy to use software. Analysis, goal setting, tracking, reporting and sharing of data sets are all accessible in a secure cloud environment. Metrics available include weight, segmental muscle and fat, total, intra, and extra cellular fluids, skeletal and abdominal cavity analysis, metabolic efficiency, age and performance!”

Source: https://discover.boditrax.com/

Is your Gym bag ready to return?

Looking to reinvent your gym bag? Everybody is here for you! Did you know we have a range of merchandise available for purchase to elevate your bag?!

We’ve got you covered on all of the essentials! Water bottle, locker tokens, bags, hoodies and even more!

Available to purchase:

  • Water bottles
  • Gym bags
  • Hoodies (Everybody @ Alderley Park only)
  • Locker Tokens

Visit reception on your next visit to make sure your Gym bag is well stocked and ready to return!

It's our promise to keep our members and staff safe...

Keeping a safe distance in the gym 

The gym has been rearranged so you can use all of our equipment safely, we have marked out the machines so it’s easy for every members to follow. In addition, we require everyone to pre-book their sessions so we can control the number of members in the gym at any time.


Keeping a safe distance in the class

We have clearly marked out workout zones in our group fitness classes area to ensure everyone keeps a safe distance from each other. Members are required to pre-book any classes so it never gets too busy at any given time.

One way system in place

We have also implemented one way systems in all of our leisure facilities to enforce social distancing measure to keep our sites safe and covid-secure.

Cleaning stations 

We have provided cleaning stations at all of our key areas in all our leisure facilities, so you can do your bit, and clean your kit before and after use.

Hand sanitising stations

We have provided hand sanitisers around our leisure facilities so you can clean your hands regularly.

Self service kiosk

You can sign in when you visit our leisure facilities using our Self Service Kiosk to minimise contact with anyone when you visit our centre.

Re-arranged swimming pool lanes

We have arranged our swimming pool lanes to be Fast, Medium and Slow so swimmers can keep a safe distance from each other. This will allow you to keep 3 metres from you and the next swimmer.

  • 4.8/5 star ratings for our cleanliness and hygiene!
  • Clean, safe and covid-secure gyms, swimming pools and group fitness classes

Covid-19 Advice and Guidance

We are following all government advice when it comes to re-opening our centres, as well as paying attention to guidance available from UKActive and CIMSPA

Our Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment is now available ESAR COVID-19 Risk Assessment 2020

More information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS and PHE  websites.

NHS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Public Health England: www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public