Gym Facilities for Everybody at Congleton Leisure Centre

With 100 stations of Technogym equipment over two storeys, and specific gym zones for resistance machines, free weights, cardio, functional training and stretching, this state-of-the-facility is fitted with everything you need to progress on your fitness journey.

Increase your strength

The gym has ample Olympic bar and plate loaded strength equipment to accommodate  strength training and power lifting.

Skill, cardio and sport specific training

Utilise the Technogym Skill range, including Skill Mills, Skill Rows and Skill Bikes, to replicate sport specific training and add a cardiovascular boost to your workout


Achieve an all around full body workout

We have a range of treadmills, Varios (cross trainers), steppers, and weight stack resistance machines and IFI accredited accessible kit.


Get fit and functional

Our functional zone will enable a blend of HIIT, mobility, strength and flexibility training to future proof your fitness journey, incorporating sled work, slam balls and battle ropes.

Join a gym-floor based group fitness session! Includes our popular TRAIN class, and Skill Bike enabled Group Cycling (where you will virtually race or ‘group ride’ with other participants).


Membership & Prices

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