What is Everybody Exercise Referral Programme?

Our Exercise Referral programme is a 12 week programme, which provides a range of physical activity schemes for people who are recovering from illness or have been diagnosed with various long term health conditions.

Our Specialist Health Advisors will work with you to help manage your health condition/s through the design of a tailored exercise programme.

You will have an initial face to face consultation on week 1 with our Specialist Health Advisor, with two other appointments held on week 6 and 12.

We will also telephone you on week 4 and 9 to check in and ensure you are progressing on the programme.

The cost of the programme includes all of your appointments with your Specialist Health Advisor, unlimited access to most of our centres across Cheshire East and usage of the Gym, Swimming, Group Exercise Classes, Health Walks and Rehabilitation exercise classes if required.

There is something for everyone and of all abilities!

Am I Eligible?

We work with a range of partners who refer people to our dedicated team of Specialist Health Instructors. You can self-refer to the programme, depending on your condition, and we will ask for proof of condition where necessary.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 years and over
  • A non-Everybody Health and Leisure Member
  • Your medical condition is clinically stable
  • You have not accessed the Exercise Referral programme in the past two years
  • You participate in less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, and you have one or more of the eligible medical conditions listed:

Eligible medical conditions for self-referral:

  • Diabetes (medicated)
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain (longer than 3 months)
  • Osteoarthritis (knee and/or hip)
  • Poor Balance or Mobility
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hypertension (medicated)

The following medical conditions are also eligible via health referral only, a referral from a health professional will be required to access the programme under the following conditions and referred via our Refer-all portal:

  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Cancer
  • Long COVID (referrals only accepted via Long Covid Hub)
  • BMI 40 plus
  • Knee and Hip Replacement (Post 6 weeks)
  • Mental health disorder (Anxiety, Stress, Depression)

Would you like more information?

If you would like further information, please contact our Everybody Healthy team and a member of staff will be in touch shortly:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01270 685589

If you would like to refer yourself on to the programme please click here.

Everybody Membership Terms & Conditions- Everybody Healthy Programme Terms

Member spotlights

Good Boost

Joan and Ken Emberton 

Joan and Ken Emberton were referred by their GP to our 12-week Exercise Referral Programme and to use exercise to benefit and improve their health conditions. Prior to starting the programme their activity levels were low which meant they found walking, climbing stairs and general day to day activities, such as housework and gardening, a constant struggle.

Joan and Ken shared: “The improvements we have seen to our health since starting the programme have been immense. We have benefited by doing the Good Boost programme, the exercise’s prescribed within the water have meant our mobility is a lot better with less pain.”

Ken began the programme due to difficulty walking and needed the use of two walking sticks to support him, now those sticks have gone! He is able to walk with reduced arthritic pain, has greater stamina, resulting in Ken being able to walk further and enjoy gardening without struggling.


Terry ShufflebothamTerry Shufflebotham and Victoria

Terry Shufflebotham is type 2 diabetic and has benefitted from attending our 12 week Exercise Referral programme, lowering his diabetic medication.

Before starting the programme, Terry was inactive and very sedentary, achieving 0 days of moderate exercise. Since taking part in the programme Terrys fitness has improved dramatically as he doesn’t get out of breath as easily, achieving 7 days of moderate exercise per week, attending our Multi Rehabilitation, Move it or Lose it classes and the gym on a weekly basis.

Terry’s health has improved physically and mentally, whilst on the programme, Terry achieved a 1 stone weight loss, his BMI went from 33.9 to 31.8, reducing his waistline by 10cm. His blood pressure lowered from 176/81 (Hypertensive stage 2) to 123/67 (Normal reading) and plans to continue with the membership and maintain regular exercise.

Terry shares “Biggest impact was achieving weight loss and liked the flexibility of the programme. Vicky [Specialist Health Advisor at Everybody Health and Leisure] has always kept in touch, and I have liked the regular reviews.”